All new house-sharing arrangements can seem a little daunting before they start, whether it’s students sharing a flat, young couples living together for the first time, or a new nanny or lodger moving into the home. A homeshare arrangement is not much different. In this scenario there are two people with different sets of needs, both having something to offer and agreeing to live together: a Homeowner in need of some help and support with a home they are willing to share and a Sharer who needs accommodation and is willing to give some help and companionship.

Here are some ways you can ensure your homeshare is a happy one:

Understand each other’s expectations

At Homeshare Living we help you discuss and agree on the terms of the arrangement, covering any thoughts or issues you both have so that misunderstandings are minimised. Make sure you put plenty of thought into what matters to you when it comes to your living preferences. You may be someone who likes your own space and needs some alone time, or you may love lots of chat and socialising. Be really clear on what will work for you and take on board your Homeowner’s priorities too.

Put yourself in their shoes

The way you’re used to living and thinking will probably differ in many ways from your Homeowner. Putting some effort into asking them how they view the world will help enormously in creating a bond between you and finding common ground. If they find modern life bewildering, you can perhaps help them make sense of the things they find challenging, from technology to contactless payment. You may be surprised to find your different perspectives are mutually beneficial.

Clear and regular communication

Make sure you both communicate about your daily plans and keep the other informed of any later or longer absences from home. This helps manage expectations for both parties and prevents unnecessary worry. Typically older homeowners are more time-conscious and may worry if you are not home when they are expecting you to return. Each homeshare will be different so use the form of communication which best suits your companion, which might be a phone call, a text or even a Whatsapp. If you enjoy social media, you might want to teach the Homeowner how to follow your pictures on Instagram!

Keep the property secure

This is always important but especially so when living with an older person who might worry more about safety and security. Ensure that you are clear on the security arrangements. Never give your key to anyone else. And if you leave the house when the Homeowner is out, make sure windows are shut and locked, lock all doors and use the alarm as shown.

Mutual respect

It’s nice to be nice, as some wise person once said. And to that we’d add that it’s vital to be polite. Mutual respect is the backbone of a successful homeshare, so make sure you go the extra mile to maintain it. Being respectful goes a long way to keeping conflicts to a minimum, and it also makes your Homeowner feel valued and understood. So keep the house tidy, especially your own areas, always keeping your room and bathroom clean and tidy and washing up dishes after using them. And make sure you keep noise levels down.

If you, or someone you know, would like to find out more about becoming a homesharer and see if it is something that would work for you, please get in touch with us at Homeshare Living. We will be delighted to speak to you.

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