Sharer Sought for Hampstead Heath, London NW3

Available from: 24/10/2020

Homeshare Location:

2 minutes’ walk to Hampstead Heath overground station, and to the local shops and cafes in South End Green, and the Royal Free Hospital.

What the Opportunity entails:

This is an amazing Homeshare opportunity for a kind, helpful and open-minded person who is happy to provide a little practical support to our homeowner in return for superb low-cost accommodation.

Our ideal Sharer will have some experience with dementia either personally or professionally, and/or the patience to communicate with someone suffering with short-term memory problems. No personal care is required or permitted.

The accommodation available is a one bedroom flat directly beneath the homeowners flat. You will have your own double bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and lounge which overlooks Hampstead Heath.

In return for the accommodation, we are looking to match a Sharer who is quiet and non-intrusive, and who is happy to check in on our homeowner every morning to see if he needs some groceries and, if so, to pop out and get them for him. Whilst quite chatty and interesting, our homeowner is happy with his own company, and not wanting much companionship.

This gentleman is in his early 80s and is fiercely independent. He had a long career in academia, is well travelled and has had an interesting life. Although sadly now suffering with dementia, he continues to travel regularly in to central London to eat at his favourite places.

Whilst usually spending the winter abroad, he is staying in London this year because of the pandemic, and his family are concerned to have a Sharer close by who can keep an eye out for him, and maybe make him a few meals during the week, particularly as the days get shorter and the weather worsens, which might mean that he has to be more housebound.

A cleaner comes to his flat regularly, and he also has supportive neighbours, and family looking out for him. However, for peace of mind , and to provide some practical support and another pair of ears and eyes, we are looking to match the right Sharer as soon as possible.

If you have experience with dementia, and think you might be well suited to this Homeshare opportunity, please get in touch with us soon telling us why.

Cost: £199 per month

This is a monthly facilitation fee for our matching and ongoing service. You do NOT pay rent to the homeowner. You may be required to make a small contribution to bills and council tax. (Full time students are exempt from Council Tax).

Call us now:  020 3137 6421