Matching older people who would like some companionship and practical support and have a spare room, with younger, vetted & compatible live-in Sharers seeking affordable accommodation.

Shared living for mutual benefit. It’s a win-win.


Matching older people who would like some companionship and practical support and have a spare room, with younger, vetted & compatible live-in Sharers seeking affordable accommodation.

Shared living for mutual benefit. It’s a win-win.

Homeshare living for comfort and peace of mind

We connect older Homeowners who seek companionship and have a room to spare with young adult Sharers who need affordable accommodation and are willing to offer some time, practical help and friendship.  As the world around us changes, we want to know that our loved ones are safe and looked after.  Now more than at any other time we want to know that there is someone there for them when we can’t be. We have all shared a home at some stage in our lives – as families, as students, or as friends. Homeshare living is now taking on another meaning.  Young adults getting their start in life and moving away from home are increasingly living with Homeowners who want to stay in their home but who are also looking for some companionship and help around the house.  Helping to solve two of our biggest social problems, homeshare living could be right for you or your loved ones too. 

Working across London and England, at Homeshare Living we have been successfully pairing Homeowners and Sharers since we began operating.  A registered community interest company, it is our mission to ensure that our members are well-matched and happy, and their safety and wellbeing are paramount in all that we do.  Find out a little more about us and who we are on our About Us page

If you or a loved one would like to explore this further and find out if homeshare living would be suitable, simply complete our contact form and we will be in touch.  Alternatively, give us a call on 020 3137 6421 or drop us a line at for more details.  

What is homeshare living?

“I can honestly say, as a caring son who lives overseas, I feel confident my beloved mother is enjoying her independence in her own home with the security of having a highly reliable and caring Homesharer.”  –  Joe, son of Homeowner, London NW11

Homeshare living is a unique living arrangement where a Homeowner who wishes to retain their independence but needs a little help with daily chores and some companionship is matched with a Sharer, usually a young adult, looking for affordable accommodation as they take the next step in their life.

Homeshare living provides both Homeowner and Sharer with some company and camaraderie, making life a little more fun.  On a practical level, it benefits the Homeowner to have some extra help around the house with chores, cooking or shopping, and allows them to stay independent.  Sharers find great value in being able to live comfortably and affordably, reducing their living costs in expensive cities such as London and allowing them to save some money.  Every Sharer we have worked with has also told us how rewarding the experience is.

Why choose Homeshare Living?

As a Homeowner, you don’t want to move from your home. The home where you and your family settled, perhaps where you kids grew up, and where you lived through life’s ups and downs. There are memories in every corner, little joys in each room, and even the sound of laughter in the back garden from times gone by. As a family member, you want your elderly relatives to be independent, but you want to be sure there is someone close by looking out for them – now more than ever. A care home is not always the answer and can be expensive.

At Homeshare Living we understand all this well. We know how important your home is to you and want to make sure you stay in it for as long as possible. We also understand that you may not live close to your family and could use a helping hand with a few chores. Most important of all? You want to have someone to talk to and spend time with. Someone younger who can bring some vitality back into your life. Sylvia, 87, and Olivia, 24, have found just that and quickly settled into a new life together.

I am so grateful to have Olivia here with me as my Homesharer. I really couldn’t have coped on my own during self-isolation and lockdown. She is a wonderful companion and helper and I feel incredibly lucky to have her here with me and in my life.”

Sylvia, Homeowner, London NW6

As seen in the Sunday Telegraph on 17th May 2020

Find out more about them and how they are enjoying their new living arrangement and see other examples of successful homeshare living matches in our testimonials.

We have made it our mission to match Homeowners with suitable Sharers and have been doing this successfully for a while now. Finding that someone who can help you with the weekly shop, share the cooking and the chores, maybe help you figure out why your grandkids’ text messages or emails aren’t coming through. That someone who will enjoy the same Netflix shows or fancy a board or card game once in a while. Homeshare living offers both the Homeowner and the Sharer an excellent living environment and benefits both in different ways. 

We are members of Homeshare UK, a national network of organisations that offer homeshare living services. This means that we are bound by high standards and codes of conduct set out in their Quality Assurance Framework, giving Homeowners and Sharers peace of mind that we follow best practice at all times.

Find our current opportunities or get in touch to see how homeshare living can work for you or a loved one.

Who is homeshare living suited to?

Homeshare living is suitable for those who own their own home and want to remain in it, but who may need a little extra help around the house and want some friendly company. It’s also ideal for younger Sharers looking to save some money in exchange for around 10 hours of their time on chores, shopping, or cooking and enjoying a few quiet nights in each week together.

A typical homeshare living Homeowner is someone who is a little older or who has a disability and may need help and support with daily tasks around the house. They may be a widow or widower looking for companionship, or they may be couple who need a little extra help. What they all have in common is that they want to remain in their home and independent but could use a little practical help with daily tasks and chores. 

A Sharer is usually a young adult in their twenties or thirties setting out on their new career or moving to a new place who want some company and a comfortable lifestyle. They want their living costs to be affordable, not extortionate, but don’t want to share with five or six noisy strangers to keep them low. They are willing to share the cooking and shopping, don’t mind sorting out basic IT and phone problems, and happy to take walks or spend a few nights a week on the sofa watching TV together.  

Homeshare living does not involve offering personal care and can take place alongside any other home-help services a Homeowner may be using.

Find out more about the benefits for both Homeowner and Sharer on our Why Homeshare? page, try our FAQs for Homeowners and Sharers, or contact us for a more personalised chat.

I’m a Homeowner

Find a caring and responsible young professional or mature student to share your home and give some practical help and brighten your day.

I’m a Sharer

Find affordable accommodation by sharing with an older Homeowner and ‘giving back’ with a little practical support and companionship.

How does it work?

It was a big step for our Mum, opening her home to someone new. Sarah at Homeshare Living took time to understand Mum – her character, her needs and her preferences – and to match someone accordingly.”  –  Larry, son of Homeowner, London NW7

We match Homeowners with potential Sharers using a thorough vetting process that starts with getting to know both well. Having an in-depth understanding of what a Homeowner’s needs are means we can match them to the right Sharer, first time. Equally, knowing what a Sharer is prepared to take on in terms of assistance will ensure our match is well-targeted. For full details of the process, take a look at our How it works page.

If you have any questions, just get in touch. We’re here to help make the process as simple and as smooth as possible!

Where does Homeshare Living work?

Homeshare Living operates across England, with a more recent focus on London due to high demand. Our latest successful homeshare pairings have been in north, north-west and central London – in particular in the London boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, Islington and Westminster – as well as in Hertfordshire. Find full details on our testimonials page.

If you are a Homeowner or relative looking for a potential Sharer, do get in touch with us on 020 3137 6421, drop us a line at for more details, or complete our online form and we’ll be in touch.

If you are a Sharer looking for a homeshare living match, please complete our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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