4 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Loved Ones Every Day

by Sarah Kaye 03/04/2020

With everyone in self-isolation from their friends and family, it’s super important to stay connected and keep in touch with our loved ones daily. Speaking to them will not only put smiles on faces, but it also gives those who might find the days long and tedious something to look forward to. Thankfully, in today’s world it’s easier than ever to stay connected – family members are just a touch of a button away! Check out our top four suggestions for staying connected here.

  1. Video apps like FaceTime and HouseParty

Perhaps the most obvious way of keeping in touch is through video apps such as FaceTime and Houseparty! FaceTime is built into Apple products and HouseParty is a free app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. Houseparty allows video calls with up to 8 people and you can even play games against each other in real-time, whereas Facetime allows up to 32 people – yes, you read that right! There’s no reason not to get the whole family involved on these incredible apps.

  1. Weekly care packages 

Another heartwarming way to stay connected to your loved ones is through sending weekly care packages! Whether it’s a few bars of their favourite chocolate, some relaxing bath bombs or even a couple of books or magazines, putting together care packages is a lovely gesture and you can even get the kids involved by asking them to write notes and cards! Plus, who doesn’t want to receive a bundle of goodies every week?

  1. Simple text or phone call 

Although the world of technology and video calling is great, sometimes all it takes is a text or phone call to your loved ones daily to remind them that you still care. WhatsApp is a great app for keeping in contact as you can make groups on it and communicate as a family! Plus, your trusty landline is always a great option that is perhaps more grandparent-friendly.

  1. Online activities 

Finally, stay in touch with your loved ones every day through online activities! For example, you might want to get the whole family involved in an online pub quiz or start up a weekly book club. Or why not play an online board game such as Scrabble or Uno? Not only will you be keeping connected with your loved ones but it’ll also give you the opportunity to engage in some friendly competition despite not being together physically.

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