Christmas this year will undoubtedly be different from the usual grand family get-togethers, sharing copious plates of food and staying up till late playing endless games of charades. And whilst the loneliness a lot of us will face is somewhat inevitable, in our eyes, that’s all the more reason to stay connected with loved ones and still feel festive, in our own special ways this unique Christmas – it’s definitely one to remember!

  1. Get stuck into some serious Xmas day television 

One thing that certainly always makes it feel like Christmas is Christmas Day television; scouring the schedule weeks before and meticulously planning when to open presents and when to eat Christmas lunch based around when Home Alone is showing is simply part and parcel of the festivities. Plus, showing this year on 22nd December is the Royal Ballet’s: The Nutcracker Reworked – a Covid- safe reworking of an unmissable, beautiful and classical ballet that is bound to connect young and old families nationwide, after all, it is timeless.

  1. Have a natter online!

Nowadays, it’s hard to be a stranger to technology. Since March people and families all over the globe have been getting to grips with Facetime, Zoom and other online video call apps – Christmas Day is no exception! If you can’t be with all your loved ones this Christmas, why not schedule a time on Zoom (perhaps post-present opening!) to ring family members and loved ones, you could even arrange festive family quizzes or, if you’re feeling brave, attempt charades on Zoom – even if it fails, it’s bound to put a smile on everyone’s face! Don’t forget to raise a glass and share a Christmas tipple too.

  1. Spread some Christmas cheer with your generosity 

Maybe you have neighbours that are elderly and spending Christmas alone or grandparents who you would have liked to see but this Covid-compliant Christmas means you won’t be able to? Either way, if you know anyone who may be feeling a little lonely, how about making an extra Christmas dinner and dropping it at their doorstep or if you’ve got little ones, get them involved by making some special Christmas crafts that will be cherished forever. Or if you’re feeling really festive you could try your hand at making a special Christmas hamper filled with everything you need to have a festive day – don’t forget the crackers! Even the smallest of thoughts can go a long way.

And just a reminder, that Christmas isn’t the only day that people may be feeling a little isolated. At the heart of what we do at Homeshare Living is making strong connections and bonds between young and elder, ensuring that no one goes lonely, establishing real friendships and companionship all year round. Merry Christmas – here’s to looking out for those that might be struggling a little and making the best of what we have.

Homeshare Living CIC is a social enterprise whose services benefit two large sectors of the community – the older generation who want to remain in their homes, have a spare room, and are in need of some practical support and companionship, as well as the younger generation of professionals, key workers and mature students who need affordable accommodation to be able to work, live, and save.

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