3 Simple Ways To Keep Connected This Christmas

Christmas this year will undoubtedly be different from the usual grand family get-togethers, sharing copious plates of food and staying up till late playing endless games of charades. And whilst the loneliness a lot of us will face is somewhat inevitable, in our eyes, that’s all the more reason to stay connected with loved ones […]

4 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Loved Ones Every Day

4 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Loved Ones Every Day by Sarah Kaye 03/04/2020 With everyone in self-isolation from their friends and family, it’s super important to stay connected and keep in touch with our loved ones daily. Speaking to them will not only put smiles on faces, but it also gives those […]

Coronavirus guidance …….. by Caroline Glasner 03/03/2020

I’ve always been drawn to survivor type dramas, finding it terrifying yet fascinating to watch imaginary disaster scenarios. Today, watching the media frenzy is a bit like tuning into the start of a new Netflix series. The gripping pilot is set in China and although scary, it is far enough away to instil a short-lived […]

My Grandpa’s Homeshare Brought Him So Much Happiness

I am confident that homesharing works because I’ve seen first-hand how rewarding and mutually beneficial it can be when a young adult shares the home of an older person. My first experience of homesharing was in the 1980s, when my lovely grandpa had a student from Madeira living in his London home for the last […]

Here are 4 Ways To Ensure That Your Homeshare Is Harmonious

All new house-sharing arrangements can seem a little daunting before they start, whether it’s students sharing a flat, young couples living together for the first time, or a new nanny or lodger moving into the home. A homeshare arrangement is not much different. In this scenario there are two people with different sets of needs, […]

What you could learn from living with a pensioner

Have you ever considered what you might be able to learn from someone born in to a different time? A time before the internet and phones, and in some rare cases, commercial vehicles. Because although time travel might be an option for your grandkids, you can today gain an invaluable insight in to life from […]

Want to make a £20K+ salary go further in London?

Back in the 80s, a University degree would have landed you a sturdy starting salary and quite possibly a foot on the property ladder in a leafy London suburb. And all before your 25th birthday. These days, thanks to an extreme rise in house prices (especially in London) along with a depressing stagnation in wages […]